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When it comes to relocating a home or apartment, lifting, moving furniture is often the most challenging part of the job. Furniture is heavy, bulking and can be quite difficult to maneuver through tight doorways, up and down stairs, and narrow hallways. You can try it yourself or bug your friends and family to help. Or you can call on the expertise of a local furniture moving company. Our local and long-distance movers ably serve the suburban Stonecrest region with proven and affordable furniture moving solutions. We have the skill, experience and know ho to relocate couches, chairs, tables and the like safely and efficiently without damaging expensive pieces.

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With more than 10 years of experience in Stonecrest, GA, we are fully licensed, insured and dependable. Call our Precious Cargo Movers LLC today for a free moving estimate and consultation. Keeping your furniture safe from harm is our top priority. We use special wrappings and care to prevent damage to the furniture, walls, and floors.

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We can assist with relocating furniture as part of a bigger home or commercial move, with an in-home move a piece within and existing residence. A few members of our team specialize in furniture moving.

Best Furniture Movers in Stonecrest, Georgia

We move the following types of furniture




Beds and mattresses

Shelves and cabinets

Recliners and love seats


Dining room tables

Conference tables

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