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Despite our unmatched strength and super teamwork skills, there are some things that even Precious Cargo Movers LLC can’t move without taking apart. Items like beds, mirrored dressers, 2-pieces cabinets, recliners, and cribs are safer and simpler to move when they are first disassembled. We want to complete your furniture assembly move as efficiently as possible, without damaging a single thing. Being able to disassemble items on-site helps us do our job well.

But of course, disassembly is only the first step. Once an item has been moved, we re-assemble it in its new location. You didn’t think we’d leave you hanging, did you

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There are a few important things to know about disassembly and reassembly. First, it goes without saying that we won’t reassemble anything that we didn’t personally disassemble. Sorry, we can’t help you with that Ikea desk you’ve been battling for two weeks! We want to avoid confusion and incorrect reassembly at all costs, so we have a very particular method we follow.

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Part of our method includes having the same Crew Leader and Crew disassemble and reassemble an item. Because they are already familiar with the item, things go much smoother. Even when we’re doing an overnight or multiple day move, we still ensure that the majority of the crew stays the same.

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Labeling is also a major part of the process. We label all of the pieces and hardware involved. We have hardware bags with us for the different kinds of items we may encounter, and we make sure that all parts are kept together and organized.

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What items do we disassemble and reassemble Here’s a little cheat sheet

All sizes of beds, including headboards, footboards, and side rails

Electric, adjustable, memory foam, and sleep number beds

Dressers and vanities with mirrors

Any item with a removable top (glass, marble, granite, etc.)

2-piece buffets, china cabinets, and armoires

Sofas with reclining ends, including electric

Recliners, including electric

Cribs and changing tables

Desks that are L-shaped, have a hutch or bookshelf attached, or have multiple pieces

Refrigerators (removing handles and doors, etc.)

Large dining tables that need legs removed

Here are items that we won’t assemble

Anything we didn’t disassemble

Prefabricated boxed furniture

We do not disconnect or reconnect water lines

The best part of all of this Precious Cargo Movers LLC includes disassembly and reassembly in our flat rate pricing. We want to make moving as simple for you as possible, and we don’t think you should have to pay a premium to have your things come to your new home intact.

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Don’t see your item on either of these lists Contact us and we’ll let you know if we can help with assembly.

Contact Precious Cargo Movers LLC today at (678) 770-4934 to get a free, no obligation quote. We’d love to help you move, even with some assembly required!

Furniture-Assembly Movers Hapeville GA