Moving is hard. Don’t let it be more stressful that it needs to be. Let us help with the cleaning as well as the actual move itself. Moving all your belongings is enough work, but to add the pre and post move cleaning on top can make a hard move even harder.

– Cleaning bathtubs/tile
– Cleaning toilet bowls
– Cleaning glass, sinks and faucets
– Wiping down surfaces
– Clean floors

– Cleaning sinks
– Cleaning stoves and all the surfaces
– Cleaning inside of refrigerators and ovens ( at clients request)
– Clean/sweep floor
– Trash removal
-exterior cabinets and drawers cleaned, counter tops and back-splash cleaned and sanitized

– Vacuuming & Clean floors
– Clean and/or dusting of all blinds/shutters
– Cleaning all window sills and frames
– Spot Clean front of all doors and frames, light switches
– Clean and/or dusting of all ceiling fans.
– Vacuum and/or cleaning all floors, including stairs, edges, and corners, hallways
– Removing Cobwebs

We always make our clients feel comfortable and care free. We pride ourselves in taking the stress out of moving. Clients are often surprised by how fast we work, while keeping their belongings safe and unharmed. Our packing skills are unparalleled. Most clients can’t believe that we are able to get all of their belongings in a single load.